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HMR Program Testimonials: Zoa’s story

​​​​​​​​Wausau woman recommends HMR after changing body, mindset with help of program

Zoa after

Zoa Osimitz has always been an active person. But being over 60 years old and having a knee replacement, she noticed she had been gaining weight. 

Osimitz talked to her family medicine provider, Dr. Vicky Baker, who suggested Health Management Resources (HMR®) weight management program, offered through Marshfield Clinic Health System at Marshfield Clinic Wausau Center.  

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After hearing about the weight-loss program, Osimitz decided to act. The HMR weight management program features HMR meal replacements and fruits and vegetables in Phase 1. Osimitz lost 35 pounds with her new-found diet and increased physical activity. Despite knee replacement surgery, Osimitz walked two miles every day after her recovery. She started the diet in March of 2021 and continues to have a HMR shake each day for a meal. 

“I started walking. I’d leave my driveway and go up-and-down all the cul-de-sacs and it’s exactly a mile,” she said. “It took me 40 minutes to walk a mile when I first started, and now I can do that in 20 minutes. My brindle boxer Brindy, loved it. I would walk that route twice a day. Brindy has been my motivation.”

From size 16 to size 6

Her dog wasn’t her only motivation to lose weight and be more active, though. A self-proclaimed “clothes hound,” Osimitz wanted​ to fit better in her clothing. 

​​ Zoa before ​ “When I went to start trying on clothes is when I really was proud and happ​y of what I accomplished,” she said. “I put on a sundress that I bought a few years ago. I could hardly get it off when I started (the program), but in Phase 2 of the program, it just dropped down my body. That was neat because I love clothes so much.

Osimitz is a dress model and was shocked when she was told her measurements for an upcoming show. 

“I was wearing a size 16 and for the fitting I was a size 6,” she said. “My jaw dropped. This program has helped me be positive. It actually helped me become less depressed, limit my anti-depressant medication and just be more positive overall.”

Osimitz is a believer

One thing that drew Osimitz to HMR was how easy the program was to follow. The healthy habits she built up, she still carries with her. Osimitz also recommends the program to anyone who asks the inevitable question when they see her, “How did she lose so much weight?”

“(The program) was something I could follow. It changed my mindset. If I was going to a party, I would bring the vegetables or the fruit. I would eat before going or you can start nibbling. I have been eating more vegetables and fruit. 

“People ask me and I recommend (the program) to them. I believe in it. I definitely recommend it,” she said. “Before my weight loss, my endocrinologist told me I was 30 pounds overweight. I went in following the weight loss, and I was leaving and he hadn’t asked me about my weight. So I said, don’t you want to ask me about my weight? He then asked me and said how it was helping my overall health.”​

The pride she exudes now goes beyond just the number on the scale or the dress that fits well. She’s happier and mentally in a better place. A small change, day-by-day can yield big results. 

“I had the motivation to do this diet and it was easy to follow,” she said. “I would recommend this to all my friends.”

For information, call the HMR program in Minocqua at 715-358-1036​. Visit their webpage to learn more​.​


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