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HMR Program Testimonials

​​​​​​Mother and son story

Mary and David Weber are a mother and son team who own Camps grocery store in St. Germain, Wis. Being in the food business, both have struggled with weight, so they joined the HMR Weight Management program together.

Dave saw the HMR program was highly ranked by US News and World Report, so felt confident in the reputation. 

"I was considering extreme measures, like gastric bypass surgery because I was so overweight. This program showed me weight loss is attainable and anybody is capable of doing it," Dave said. "HMR is great for those who have given up hope of losing weight. This program provides hope."

​To date, David has lost 80 pounds and Mary has lost 33 pounds. "It all starts with making the phone call," Dave said.

​"It really sets​​ you free."

​​Dee from Athens lost 120 pounds with the HMR Weight Management Program.

She gained her freedom. "No more time-consuming calorie counting and depriving yourself of food."​​

Energy for life

​"It's not just a quick fix, but you do lose weight quickly," said Lorrie from Hatley. Lorrie lost 85 pounds using the HMR Weight Management Program. With help from HMR specialists and weight loss coaches, Lorrie learned healthy habits and developed the needed skills to keep the weight off.