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Comfort and Recovery Center FAQs

You can now learn about services offered, take a virtual tour, and request an in-person visit if your doctor has recommended a procedure that includes as stay in the Comfort & Recovery Suites.  

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Q: What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)?

A: An ASC is a modern outpatient health care facility providing same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures. Marshfield Clinic has ASCs at its Eau Claire, Marshfield, Minocqua and Wausau centers.


Q: What Are Comfort and Recovery Suites?

A: They are licensed as a skilled nursing facility which has a small number of beds in suites for patients and provides 24-hour access to care and medical staff, including physicians and nurses. Patients typically spend three to five days recovering from surgery and other procedures completed in an ASC and can rest comfortably in private rooms, like suites, with their families.


Q: What Will Comfort and Recovery Suites be Called? Will They be Named?

A: These are an expansion of the service provided by ASCs. They will not formally be named.


Q: Why Does Marshfield Clinic Want to Expand ASC Services and Use Comfort and Recovery Suites?

A: This innovative, trend-setting approach to health care will allow the Clinic to transfer about 30 percent of hospital-based surgeries to an outpatient setting. This translates to lower cost; decreased risk for infection and falls; and a better experience for the patient.


Q: How Are Comfort and Recovery Suites Different From A Hospital?

A: They fulfill basic health care needs for patients to get them back to health during a short-term stay. Patients have direct access to resources, like physical therapy, not typically available in a traditional hospital geared for long-term care.


Q: How's This Different Than What We're Already Providing?

A: Patients only can stay at a Clinic ASC for a maximum of 23 hours, 59 minutes for regulatory reasons. Comfort and recovery suites allow patients to stay and receive care for several days if needed. Again, the key is to get people back to their homes and lives as soon as possible.


Q: Where Will The Comfort and Recovery Suites be Located?

A: At Marshfield Center, 20 beds will be located in the East Wing. Twelve beds will be in new buildings and physically connected to ASCs in Eau Claire, Minocqua and Wausau centers.


Q: When Does Construction Begin?

A: Construction is underway at Eau Claire Center and remodeling is taking place at Marshfield Center. Construction begins in June in Wausau and in July in Minocqua.


Q: What Types of Procedures Will Patients Recover From In Comfort and Recovery Suites?

A: At this time, details are being finalized. However, for example, knee and hip replacements could be completed in an ASC setting followed by care in the comfort and recovery suites.


Q: How Much Will This Update Cost?

A: These costs are still being calculated.


Q: Who Will Operate The Comfort and Recovery Suites?

A: The Clinic is looking to contract with a third party but details have not yet been finalized. Comfort and recovery suites FAQ 14581-000


Q: Why Is The Clinic Looking To Contract With A Third Party For This Service?

A: Great local Wisconsin companies specialize in this type of service. They have the expertise, infrastructure and licensing to run such a facility that meets our standards for quality, patient care and efforts to lower costs for patients.


Q: Will Jobs Be Available and What Types?

A: We will hire for about 160 positions between now and throughout the summer. Jobs offered at multiple locations will include certified nursing assistants, called perioperative assistants; registered nurses; certified registered nurse anesthetists; certified surgical technicians; central service technicians and supplies/equipment coordinators. Other skilled positions will also need to be filled. Salary ranges are being considered and the positions will offer market competitive salaries and benefits. More information about job openings can be found on Marshfield Clinic's website.


Q: Where Are The Affected Departments At Marshfield Center Moving?

A: Departments that have been relocated from the East Wing include:

  • Child Development – new location 4E; check-in at Desk 4F
  • Orthopedics – new locations 2K1 and 2F; check-in at Desks 2K1 and 2F*
  • *Patients are provided specific check-in desk information in their appointment letter.
  • Pain Management – new location 4K; check-in at Desk 4K

Departments that have been relocated to accommodate East Wing moves include:

  • Infectious Disease – new location 3E; check-in at Desk 3F
  • Pulmonary Function Lab – same location 2F1; new check-in at Desk 2F1
  • Pulmonary Medicine – same location 2F1; new check-in at Desk 2F1

Departments that have been relocated within the East Wing include:

  • Gastroenterology – new location Ground Level; check-in at Desk GQ
  • GI Unit – same location Level 2; check-in at Desk GQ

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