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Connecting with your doctor is getting easier, more convenient

Viewing My Marshfield Clinic on tablet

​​​​​You're busy and ti​​​​​​me is valuable, so when you have questions about health care, you want an easy, convenient and secure way to get answers.

 ​Health care providers are responding to these needs by offering secure messaging services that let you connect with your health care team through a private online system.

Marshfield Clinic offers secure messaging through My Marshfield Clinic, a convenient and free online service that helps patients manage and monitor personal health information anytime and anywhere internet access is available.

 "We encourage patients to take advantage of secure messaging to ask their providers questions," said Pediatrician Edna DeVries, M.D., Marshfield Clinic.

 Secure messaging is a good way to:

  • Follow up with your health care team about a recent visit.
  • Ask medication questions.
  • Report new conditions or update information.
  • Set up or change an existing appointment.
  • Ask for additional information about recent tests or lab results.

 "We have this service because it gives our patients a chance to be more involved in their care," Dr. DeVries said. "Patients can actively monitor important details, such as cholesterol levels. With this information they can better understand needing to follow-through with providers' recommendations and treatment plans."

 Secure messaging for Marshfield Clinic patients has the look and feel of email, but with built-in layers of security. If you're not a Marshfield Clinic patient, check with your health care provider about secure messaging.

 Secure messaging services aren't intended to be used for health care needs requiring immediate or emergent attention.

 "Most Marshfield Clinic health care teams will respond to messages within 24 hours," Dr. DeVries said. "If you're in need of immediate care, call 9-1-1 or call your local emergency provider."​