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It’s a Great Time to Find a Doctor

​​​​​​If you’ve ever had to wait to get an appointment with a doctor, you’ll appreciate this. Marshfield Clinic within the last year or so has added five primary care physicians to the Weston, Wausau and Merrill region.

doctor and child

“We had a period of time when we lost several physicians for a variety of reasons, so we were very short-staffed,” said Barbara Crapster-Pregont, M.D., center chair at Marshfield Clinic Merrill Center. “We were thrilled to recruit internal medicine physicians to Merrill.” In addition, four other primary care physicians have been added at Wausau, Weston and Wittenberg Centers.

These additions are important because they help make it easier for patients to establish a primary care relationship. Marshfield Clinic strongly encourages such relationships between patients and doctors, which foster better and less costly care.

“We can often detect problems with a patient’s health before they cause complications,” Dr. Crapster-Pregont said. “We’re all about prevention and identifying risk factors, then working with people on factors such as their weight, cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugars, all of which are strong risk factors for chronic health problems.”

The newest physicians also bring fresh perspectives from their more recent training. It’s a refreshing opportunity for a physician like Dr. Crapster-Pregont, who has been practicing for 26 years, to have give-and-take discussions with doctors who have recently completed training.

The other new physicians are: