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 Data Center Specifications and Certifications

Our Tier III data center is purpose built with redundant support systems for resiliency and efficiency to provide you with dependable and cost-effective services. 

We provide advanced functionality for your business operations so you don’t have to build and maintain your own facility.

Our services reduce operational costs allowing your employees to focus on creating revenue for your company. Plus, we offer multiple independent environmental, electrical and security systems ensure your operations are continually supported.

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Facility Specifications

Building Size: 20,000 sq ft 
Network Operations Center Size: 1,250 sq ft
POD Size: 3,600 sq ft
Structure Rating: F2 Tornado – 150 mph straight line winds
Roof Uplift Rating: 170 mph winds
Seismic Zone Location: Zone 0 

Systems Specifications 

Fire Detection: VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)
Fire Supression (N+1): FM227 with double interlock pre-action dry pipe backup
Air Conditioning (N+1): Centrifugal (185 tons per unit)
Utility Power (N+1): Dual 2,500 kW transformers
Generator (N+1): 1,250 kW diesel (2,250 gal)
Uninterruptible Power Supply System (N+1): 750 kVA 

Capacities Specifications 

Max Units per Cabinet: 45 
Cabinets per Row: 16 
Cabinets per POD: 160
Power Available per Cabinet: 5 kW
Power Available per Row: 80 kW
Power Available per POD: 800 kW 

SOC 2 certification badge

SOC 2 Certification

Our data center hosting and managed services system are SOC 2 Type 2 certified for security and availability. Our systems have been designed with controls to operate effectively over time.

Uptime Institute Tier III certification badge

Uptime Institute Tier III Certified

We own and operate the only Uptime Institute Tier lll Certified data center in Wisconsin. Our concurrently maintainable infrastructure and systems are designed to consistently support your availability requirements.