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 Data Center Services

MCIS Data Center stacks

Your Place for Reliable Services. 

Our data center is purpose-built with redundant support systems for resiliency and efficiency to provide dependable and cost-effective services. We guarantee that your information technology assets are safe and secure. With trained specialists and detailed processes, we support you in achieving your business goals. 

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Data Center Benefits

Cost Reduction

Our technology lowers costs by taking advantage of the northern climate for cost effective facility cooling. Additionally reduce energy expenses per kWh with rates below the national and state average. 

24/7 Security 

Our experienced NOC staff are always onsite 24/7, 365 days a year, making sure data center systems are performing optimally. The data center is rounded four times daily and has dual factor authentication, badge access to cabinet levels and a visitor check-in process, providing complete security for your systems. 

Reserve Capital

Our staff operate the data center allowing your employees to focus on creating revenue for your company. With flexibility to utilize the space you need, you can save and invest your money in other areas that grow your business. 


We offer flexible arrangements for your systems and assets. Different options include single or multiple cabinets, free-standing appliances, secured space and more. We also have the ability to provide various power configurations for your specific equipment needs. 


The data center is carrier neutral allowing you to take advantage of our partnership with current carriers or ability to utilize your preferred provider. Transport providers such as WIN, Charter, Frontier, Windstream and Solarus are already available onsite. 


We have a 100% guarantee of power availability and standards-based environmental control. Our data center has multiple independent environmental, electrical and security systems to ensure your operations are continually supported.

Remote Assistance 

Technicians are ready to provide your organization with exceptional customer services. We provide onsite assistance, problem resolution, skilled tasks and other requests.