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Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors


 Board of Directors

Alpa Shah, M.D., Chairperson

Elvis Peter, M.D., Vice Chairperson

Kent Ray, D.O., Secretary

Matthew Thomas, M.D., Treasurer

Tyler J. Dahl, M.D., Central Division 1 Director

Matthew Oelstrom, M.D., Central Division 2 Director

Jayanth Vedre, M.D., Central Division 3 Director

Barbara Boyer, M.D., North Division Director

Patrick Wolf, D.O., Northwest Division Director

Bart Isaacson, M.D., East Division Director

David Junker, M.D., West Division Director

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members

Edward G. Fernandez, M.D., Marshfield Clinic, Inc., Executive Director

Brian Hoerneman, M.D., Marshfield Clinic Health System, Inc., C.E.O. Interim

Clinic Board