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David A. Shore

​​​​​​​​David A. Shore, PhD, established, directs, and serves as faculty in the Certificate and Executive Programs in Project Management in Health Care at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). 

The Programs are based on his Project Activation Management System (PAMS). Shore also founded and directs the Harvard School of Public Health’s Trust Initiative and the Forces of Change Program. These research and educational endeavors are dedicated to building constructive links between theory and practice with the aim of positioning leaders to most effectively and efficiently manage change initiatives. For more than two decades, Shore has focused on the critical roles that trust, brand, and reputation play in helping organizations create a unique and sustainable competitive advantage in rapidly shifting markets.

Dr. Shore teaches the popular Harvard graduate courses on Strategic Marketing: Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Positioning, Branding, and Building Trust; Project Management; and Forces of Change: Market Dynamics and Strategies for a Shifting Health Care Marketplace. He is an Instructor at the HSPH’s Department of Health Policy and Management. He served as an Associate Dean at the HSPH, and as the Executive Director of the Center for Continuing Professional Education at the HSPH, for 19 years.

Dr. Shore regularly delivers keynote addresses and workshops to many industries in various national and international settings. He has consulted on six continents. In addition to health care, industries which have benefitted from his counsel include continuing professional education, insurance, landscaping, jewelry, and mattress. Shore chaired the first, second, and third national Executive Conferences on Branding, Positioning, and Competitive Strategies. He has had the honor to deliver the keynote address to four annual Corporate Branding Conferences of the American Management Association. He chaired and delivered the keynote address at the 2009, 2010, and 2011 World Congress Leadership Summits on Project Management for Health Care Executives. He has served on many boards, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Marshfield Clinic Health System.

Shore has been interviewed in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, INC, and Modern Healthcare. He is the author of numerous articles and other publications, including his books: The Trust Prescription for Healthcare: Building Your Reputation with Consumers (Health Administration Press, 2005); The Trust Crisis in Healthcare: Causes, Consequences, and Cures (Editor, Oxford University Press, 2007), with Eric D. Kupferberg, High Stakes: The Critical Role of Stakeholders in Health Care (Oxford University Press, 2011), and Forces of Change: New Strategies for the Evolving Health Care Marketplace (Editor, Jossey-Bass, 2012). His forthcoming book Starting Projects Right: How to Launch Successful Change Initiatives will be published by Jossey-Bass in 2013.