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Marshfield Clinic Health System Board of Directors

​​​​Marshfield Clinic Health System CEO: Dr. Susan Turney​​

Chair: Mark D. Bugher, retired director, University Research Park, Madison (Independent)

Vice Chair: Mark Bradley, attorney, Ruder Ware, Wausau (Independent)

Secretary: I​​van Schaller, M.D., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

Treasurer: Tim Peterson, retired health insurance executive, Excelsior, Minnesota (Independent)​

Peter Cochrane, M.D.,​ (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

Ruwan Dissanayake, M.D., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

Terry Frankland, President and CEO, V&H Trucks, Inc. (Independent)

Bill Fonti, CEO, Furniture & ApplianceMart, Stevens Point (Independent)

George Isham, M.D., senior adviser, HealthPartners, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Independent)

Jeffrey Lamont, M.D., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

Thomas Leifheit, M.D., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

Jake Leinenkugel, president, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, Chippewa Falls (Independent)

Janet Lindemann, M.D., Dean, University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine (Independent)

Michael Luebke, retired telecommunications executive, Pound, Wisconsin (Independent)

William Melms, M.D., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)​

Chuck Nason, retired chairman, president and CEO, Worzalla Publishing Company, Stevens Point (Independent)

Bernie Patterson, chancellor, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (Independent)

John Przybylinski​, M.D., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

Kent Ray, D.O., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

Alpa Shah, M.D., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

David A. Shore, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Independent)

Matthew Thomas, M.D., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

Timothy Wengert, M.D​., (Marshfield Clinic Board of Directors)

Frederick J. Wenzel, retired health care executive, Monona, Wisconsin ​​(Independent)


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