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Ways to make a donation to Marshfield Clinic

Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Ways to Give:

The mission of Marshfield Clinic is to “serve patients through accessible, high quality health care, research and education.”

Marshfield Clinic’s commitment to shaping the future of medicine through world-class medical research and education provides us with the means to provide our patients, and others throughout the world, with high-quality care.

The generous support of our benefactors is critical to ensuring this mission thrives. There are many ways you can support Marshfield Clinic’s mission through gifts that also provide benefit to you, the donor.

Cash, check or credit card – Cash gifts are a convenient way to give, and are fully tax-deductible. Gifts can be made online.

Memorial/Honor Gifts – A wonderful way to pay a lasting tribute to loved ones. Any gift can be made in honor of someone as a tribute. Names of those honored are listed in BenchMarks, our quarterly publication for donors and friends.

Stocks and Securities – Gifts of stock provide a double benefit. The full fair market value of your gift is tax-deductible, and, as with all gifts that have appreciated in value, capital gains tax is avoided.

Real Estate – Real estate is a wonderful gift to consider because it offers several creative opportunities. First, real estate may be gifted outright and will be fully tax-deductible for the fair market value of the property, in addition to avoiding capital gains tax. A second option exists to give the real estate to Marshfield Clinic and retain the right to the property and any income generated during your lifetime.

Bequests – Leave a legacy to a mission you’ve supported in life through a charitable inclusion in your will or revocable trust for a fixed amount or a percentage. The following designation language may be helpful to your professional advisor:

“I give to Marshfield Clinic, Attn: Development Department, 1000 N. Oak Avenue, Marshfield, WI 54449, $___ (or ___% of my estate) to be used for the area of greatest need (or state a specific area you would like to benefit, such as patient care, education or research)”

Life Insurance – A gift of life insurance may allow substantial tax savings. You may receive an immediate income tax charitable deduction, and the policy is removed from your estate, reducing estate taxes.

IRA – Naming Marshfield Clinic as a primary or secondary beneficiary of your IRA is an excellent way to maximize tax savings for your family and other beneficiaries. Marshfield Clinic does not have to pay income taxes on the IRA, while your family or other beneficiaries would have to pay income taxes on an IRA gift they receive. As a general rule, your estate plan should give your cash assets to your family and other beneficiaries and your tax-burdened assets (like an IRA) to charity. 

Gifts that Provide Income – There are several ways to give that provide a triple benefit. These gifts provide an income tax deduction, offer capital gains tax avoidance and provide income to you or others during your lifetime.

Charitable Gift Annuity – A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and the Clinic that allows you to make a gift while the Clinic agrees to pay you and/or your spouse or others a stated annual income for life. This popular giving vehicle also offers you a generous income tax deduction.

Charitable Remainder Trust – A charitable remainder trust is a trust that reserves for you, the donor, either an income for life or for a term of years. Donors may elect to receive an amount each year equal to a fixed percentage of fair market value of the trust assets, or elect to receive a set dollar amount each year.

Charitable Lead Trust – If you own assets that have appreciated, you may want to consider establishing a charitable lead trust. This type of trust provides the Clinic income for a specified term of years, after which the principal is returned to you, the donor, your children or other beneficiaries you designate.

Thoughtful planning can yield benefits far beyond the personal reward of supporting the healing mission of Marshfield Clinic. Call the Development Department at 1-800-858-5220 to explore how these gifts might work best for you.

For more information about ways you can support medical research, education, and patient care initiatives, contact our Development staff or contact the Development department at:

Marshfield ClinicDevelopment Department1000 North OakMarshfield, WI 54449-57901-800-858-5220email: