Each year, children from northern and central Wisconsin are chosen locally to represent children treated at Marshfield Children's Hospital. This year, our Miracle Kids – Lakken, Cameron, Isaac, Audrina and Amiya – each has a story to share and they all have one thing in common. Their stories are made possible because of support from people like you.

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CMNH Miracle Kid Lakken Burzynski  

Lakken Burzynski

Age: 15

Hometown: Stanley, WI

Favorite things: Baking, piano, choir, school plays

How your gifts made a difference:

Donations provided important CMN Hospitals services for Lakken, including Child Life specialists, music therapy, access to cancer research studies and specialized treatment equipment.

Lakken had been experiencing headaches and trouble with coordination, so her family made an appointment for their 10-year-old child with a physician specialist in Marshfield. Still, they were not prepared for Lakken's diagnosis of medulloblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor originating at the base of the skull.

Following surgery to remove the tumor, Lakken spent over a year in and out of Marshfield Children's Hospital receiving chemotherapy. With the help of physicians and staff, Child Life specialists, music therapists and support of family and friends, she was declared cancer-free in November 2013.

When Lakken was diagnosed she discovered a quote she continues to live by - "Never let anything dull your sparkle. Today, Lakken continues to shine and enjoys participating in school plays, singing, baking and playing the piano. She still travels to Marshfield Medical Center (MMC) each year for checkups and remains cancer-free.

CMNH Miracle Kid Isaac Mlodik  

Isaac Mlodik

Age: 14

Hometown: Custer, WI

Favorite things: Chinese food and sports, especially hunting and fishing

How your gifts made a difference:

Child Life specialists kept Isaac comfortable and engaged throughout his treatment with activities such as BINGO, movies to watch, art and music therapy. Donor support also funded meal tickets for Isaac’s family on appointment days.

Isaac is a smart, caring, athletic and competitive child. Looking at him today, it’s hard to imagine he is a survivor of osteosarcoma, a common bone cancer.

Throughout his diagnosis and treatment, Isaac’s parents said the Marshfield Children’s Hospital team treated them like family. Child Life specialists were especially supportive during Isaac’s care, helping him get through long days of chemotherapy and radiation with interactive play and distraction activities. The Child Life team also helped Isaac’s younger sister Maria, keeping her engaged and entertained on Isaac’s treatment days.

Now cancer-free, Isaac’s future is bright and his family is thankful for continued support from Marshfield Clinic physicians and staff at Marshfield Children’s Hospital.

CMNH Miracle Kid Cameron Krall  

Cameron Krall

Age: 8

Hometown: Spencer, WI

Favorite things: Firetrucks, watching football, books, video games

How your gifts made a difference:

Cameron has received special-needs fund grants, including one for a specialized bike several years ago, through donations. Gifts also supported Child Life specialists who provide comfort and distraction for Cameron during his medical procedures and hospital visits.

Robin Krall was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her baby when an ultrasound revealed something was not quite right. Her son, Cameron, was diagnosed with schizencephaly, a developmental birth defect characterized by abnormal slits in the brain’s cerebral hemispheres.

Marshfield Clinic physicians and staff at Marshfield Children’s Hospital helped Robin navigate Cameron’s care, including multiple surgeries and ongoing therapy.

“People at Marshfield Children’s Hospital are like our extended family,” said Robin. “It’s a comfort to know people truly care about him.”

Though Cameron still faces obstacles, he tackles them with determination and a smile. He continues to make progress and his mom hopes he will one day work in a specialized job.

CMNH Miracle Kid Amiya and Audrina Krizenesky 

Amiya and Audrina Krizenesky

Age: 8

Hometown: Rhinelander, WI

Favorite things: Reading, writing, swimming, soccer

How your gifts made a difference:

Gifts to CMN Hospitals funded specialized equipment for physicians and staff to treat Amiya and Audrina in the NICU, including isolettes, special ventilators and Vapo-Therm treatments. Child Life specialists continue to help Audrina through regular checkups at Marshfield Children’s Hospital with medical play and distraction items.

After years of trying, Asavari and her husband Tom received the biggest surprise of their lives – they were having twins.

However, the couple’s medical care team soon discovered the twins were growing at different rates. After a seven-month pregnancy checkup in Minocqua in November 2009, Asavari was referred to Marshfield Clinic specialists at Marshfield Children’s Hospital.

Less than a week later, the smaller baby, Baby A, was showing signs of distress so Asavari underwent an emergency C-section. Baby A, named Audrina, weighed 2 pounds, 1.3 ounces. Baby B, Amiya, was 4 pounds, 3 ounces. Amiya spent over four weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) while Audrina was in the NICU for close to eight weeks.

“While our days in the NICU were filled with so many medical markers, machines and procedures, they were also filled with such comfort,” said Asavari. “All the NICU nurses made us feel at home.”

Though their lives got off to an early start, the twins are thriving today. They enjoy attending their Catholic school in Rhinelander, sports, reading and writing and playing together.

Audrina still relies on medication for congenital hypothyroidism and visits Marshfield Children’s Hospital regularly for blood tests. Her appointments aren’t the only times the family visits, however.

“Every year we go back to the NICU and give special presents to the many staff members as well as babies and families,” said Asavari. “The NICU and CMN Hospitals will always be a part of our story, a reminder of the power of miracles.”

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