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Orthopedics offers unique service to children

​​​​​​​Medical Advances at Marshfield Clinic

Jacob Lonsdale, M.D., and Samarjit Jaglan, M.D. Jacob Lonsdale, M.D., and Samarjit Jaglan, M.D.
Some children need orthopedic surgery to correct structural problems in their bones and connecting tissues, but many only require nonsurgical treatment. Marshfield Clinic's Orthopedics Department efficiently covers both ends of the spectrum with a dedicated pediatrics practice that is unique in central, northern and western Wisconsin.

Samarjit Jaglan, M.D., is an orthopedic surgeon who exclusively performs surgery on children. Jacob Lonsdale, M.D., is a pediatrician who also has fellowship training and experience in orthopedics without surgery. This combination of both specialists is unusual, outside of academic medicine centers typically found in large cities.

"A lot of children's conditions do not require surgery," Dr. Lonsdale said, citing such conditions as inward turning feet, bowing of the legs and various aches and pains. The treatment he provides depends on the condition but frequently involves specific types of strengthening and conditioning exercises, and in some adolescent cases, injections of anti-inflammatory medications.

"We need to identify the root cause before we will do something like an injection," Dr. Jaglan said. "Dr. Lonsdale and I are located close to each other and we confer almost daily to provide the best evaluation and appropriate treatment."

Dr. Jaglan typically is in surgery almost three days every week, operating on children with bone fractures caused by trauma, as well as severe cases of scoliosis (a condition causing side-to-side curves in the spine) and hip dysplasia (deformation or misalignment of the hip joint).

Parents appreciate being able to first see Dr. Lonsdale, who can often identify patients who can be helped without surgery. "It gives them easier access to see someone who specializes in children," he said. Alternatively, structuring the team in this way can make it easier for a child who needs surgery to have it scheduled quickly, sometimes even the same day, depending on schedules and circumstances.

"We have heard from parents, and received letters from people who appreciated our teamwork and efficiency, as well as our entire staff's caring and compassionate attitudes, Dr. Jaglan said.

Dr. Lonsdale, who started with Marshfield Clinic in 2011, sees patients in Eau Claire and Weston, in addition to Marshfield. Dr. Jaglan, who started in 2008, performs surgery in Marshfield and also sees patients in Stevens Point and Weston.