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 School of Radiography - Advisory Committee


Advisory committees take an active role in helping [the school] implement its goals and objectives. They make recommendations or give opinions, but do not have any true decision-making authority. More specifically, advisory committees provide input on the quality and relevance of our education instruction.

The School of Radiography Advisory Committee provides a two-way system of communication between the program and employers. Some areas of focus for this committee are:

  • Admissions
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Student Services
  • Equipment and Facilities
  • Industry Trends

Time Commitment

A minimum of two meetings will be held per year.

Composition of Members

Permanent members include representatives of the Marshfield Clinic Division of Education to ensure stability of the committee.

  • Manager of Residency and Fellowship Programs
  • Manager of Student Programs
  • Education Program Director of the School of Radiography

Student members will represent the student body on the committee. Each class of students elects a representative of their class in December of their first year.

  • Junior representative
  • Senior representative

Rotating members compose the rest of the committee. Each rotating member will hold a position on the committee for a maximum of three years. An individual may have another rotation as part of the committee as long as there are at least two years between appointments. An individual will be considered for an open position on the committee and will be nominated by current or previous members.

  • One representative from Radiology of each clinical rotation site (manager or x-ray technologist)
  • Radiography program instructor
  • Radiologist, or other M.D.
  • Clinical instructor/preceptor