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 Psychology Fellowship Application Criteria


We invite applicants from APA/CPA accredited graduate psychology programs and APA accredited internship sites to apply.  Applicants must demonstrate that all requirements for the doctoral degree will be met and the doctoral degree will be awarded prior to the start of the fellowship. 

The Fellowship application is available her​e to be completed on line and submitted via email. Along with the completed application, please include three letters of recommendation (with particular reference to your clinical skills) both emailed and paper copy sent in regular mail. An unofficial copy of your graduate school transcript should be emailed to us and an official copy sent in regular mail.

E-mail materials to:

Mail materials to:

Michael J. Schulein, Ph.D.
Child/Adolescent and Pediatric  Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

Department of Psychiatry,  RL-2
1000 North Oak Avenue
Marshfield, WI 54449


Graduate School and Internship: Applications will be accepted from individuals who have received or will be receiving their doctoral degree from an APA or CPA-accredited graduate program.  Applicants must have completed or be in the process of completing an internship at an APA-accredited internship program.

Clinical Experience: At the beginning of the post-doctoral psychology fellowship, the fellow must have completed 1,500  hours of supervised experience in clinical practice.  Prior to final acceptance into the program, you will need to obtain signed supervisor affidavits to confirm you have met the 1,500 hour requirement.

Licensure: Applicants for the fellowship must (a) be licensed as a psychologist in the State of Wisconsin or (b) become eligible during the fellowship and agree to attain licensure as soon as possible during the fellowship. Obtaining your first license is a major milestone and one that involves considerable paperwork.  We will assist you with this process through the fellowship experience.  A more detailed description of the requirements for licensure in Wisconsin can be obtained from the Psychology Examining Board of the State of Wisconsin.  Please review these requirements and forms.

Credentialing:  You must be available via both email and mail during the two months prior to the start of fellowship to complete paperwork for credentialing.

Application Deadline

For information regarding application and support materials, please contact Michael Schulein, Ph.D. via email at​.

Application Review: Applications are reviewed starting in October, 2016 through February, 2017.  If a position remains open after the APPIC uniform notification date, additional applications will be considered.  The Program Director will contact candidates as needed to obtain additional information.

Interviews: Interviews are requested of our top ranked applicants. We understand the cost in time and money for applicants to do in-person interviews, so if we ask you to interview with us that means you are being very seriously considered for our program. Interviews are conducted between December 1st, 2016 and February 24th, 2017.  Additional interviews may be offered thereafter for any unfilled positions.  Please note on your application if you have any scheduling constraints. If scheduling constraints emerge after your application is submitted, please notify us by e-mail.

We follow the APPIC Selection Guidelines related to interviews and will provide at least two weeks' notice for in-person interviews. We will also consider using remote interview formats, such as live video interviews, for extenuating circumstances.  Our preference is to conduct interviews in person.

Selection Announcement: Our program follows the APPIC Selection Guidelines. This means:

  • We will make offers starting February 27, 2017.
  • If you receive an offer from another program prior to that time, please contact us as we have the option to make a reciprocal offer.
  • You may hold an offer for at least 24 hours, after which the offer may be withdrawn and given to another candidate.

Send applications to:

Michael J. Schulein, Ph.D.
Child/Adolescent and Pediatric  Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Department of Psychiatry,RL-2                                                                                                                             
1000 North Oak Avenue
Marshfield, WI 54449​​​​​​​​​

Resources to consider as you pursue fellowship:

Demystifying the Postdoctoral Experience: A Guide for Applicants, by Nicholas R. Forand and Allison J. Applebaum.  It is available here.