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 Anesthesiology Staff

The Anesthesia office staff members play an important role in the functioning of the Department through a variety of duties. For instance, they perform crucial tasks like making certain that there are enough available staff on a daily basis, including the creation of schedules and the approval of vacations for physicians, CRNAs and techs. Additionally, they track and maintain hours worked as well as conduct payroll responsiblities.

The Anesthesia Office staff can be reached at 715-387-7179 or the Anesthesia Office (shared) email at

The following team members will become an important part of your training experience:

‚ÄčNicole Anderson
Marshfield Clinic Health System Administrative Director of System Anesthesia

Autumn Hall
Scheduling Coordinator for Anesthesiology Administration

Misty Brock
Administrative Assistant  for Anesthesiology Administration