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Flambeau Hospital Job Shadowing Opportunities

Shadowing a hospital employee is a great way to find out if a career in a medical setting is right for you.

Flambeau Hospital offers students an opportunity to explore career options through job shadowing.

Job shadow requirements

The following forms must be reviewed, signed and returned to Flambeau Hospital Human Resources. Click here to download all forms >

  • Job Shadow Sign Up form
  • HIPPA Overview
  • Student Confidentiality Agreement
  • Criminal Background Check form
  • Standardized Emergency Alerts and Emergency Procedure Declaration

Submit completed forms by fax to 715-762-7554 or mail to:
Flambeau Hospital, Attn: Human Resources
PO Box 310, Park Falls, WI 54552

Health information requirements

The following health information must be submitted to our Associate Health and Infection Prevention Nurse:

  • TST (TB Skin Test) – Documentation of one test from previous year and one within three months of start date, or a documented two step TST needs to be done (student's expense).
  • Measles-Mumps-Rubella – Immune titer or medical documentation of immunizations (two MMR vaccinations) if unable to provide medical documentation, titer proof is required (student's expense).
  • Varicella – Immune titer or medical documentation of two Varicella vaccinations (student's expense). History of disease is not proof of immunity.
  • Hepatitis B – Immunization proof, if no vaccine, immunization started prior to clinical experience (student's expense) or signed declination form. Otherwise not required if not proof.
  • Hepatitis C – (Antibody Screen) Not required but highly recommended (student's expense).
  • Influenza vaccine – Required if job shadowing between the months of October - March.

Submit your health information by fax to 715-762-7518 or mail to:
Flambeau Hospital, Attn: Suzy Ocker
PO Box 310, Park Falls, WI 54552

If you have any questions on the health requirements contact our Associate Health and Infection Prevention Nurse at 715-762-7312.

Next steps

All forms and health information must be cleared before you can job shadow. 

Once you have been cleared by Human Resources and Associate Health/Infection Prevention, we will call or email you to update your status. At that time, you will schedule directly with the department manager to set up a time to shadow.