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Delivering proven health care solutions

​​​​​​In late October 2014, Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI) launched a business that is a bit different from its typical portfolio company.

ADEO is CCI's first e-commerce company designed to deliver ready-to-purchase health care solutions directly to the customer.

ADEO is the culmination of easy-to-purchase and easy-to-integrate solutions that are directly derived from premier and trusted organizations within the Global Healthcare Innovations Alliance ("The Alliance"), like Marshfield Clinic.

"Products made available on ADEO are solutions developed internally within the organizations to address various types of research and process improvement initiatives. They are created with a specific purpose in mind but often have greater application making them appealing to other institutions addressing similar issues," said Marsha Barwick, Director of Applied Sciences for Marshfield Clinic.

"Solutions we add to ADEO will have been vetted through our Technology Transfer oversight committee and proven to work; ready to be integrated immediately to streamline practices and provide better patient care."

The idea came from CCI employees representing the Alliance partners, who had a plethora of great solutions and an overabundance of interested parties.

"It's a good problem to have so many proven solutions," says Sonja O'Malley, Sr. Director of the Health IT Incubator at CCI. "Solutions offered on ADEO are born out of The Alliance organizations unmet clinical and business needs and then developed to resolve the gap.  Leveraging a digital ecosystem, we are able to expose, procure and deliver these solutions to an organization, or in some cases, directly to the clinician consumer. ADEO is here to get innovative solutions into more hands as quickly as possible."

Currently, ADEO offers a variety of mobile apps, survey tools, playbooks, and software solutions, ranging from orthopedic testing like simVitro, to heredity tracking and risk stratification, like Cologene and MyFamily. The ADEO team anticipates this marketplace will scale to be a go-to place for any healthcare organization looking to streamline practices to offer better care.

ADEO isn't meant to be just a marketplace. ADEO's mission is to advance inventions that improve and extend the lives of patients and to inspire, streamline and accelerate these solutions to market, supporting the principles upon which the Global Healthcare Innovations Alliance was founded. Working together for the greater good.

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