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Applied Sciences - Invention Disclosure Form

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It all starts when ​​​​​Applied Sciences receives a completed confidential Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) from a Marshfield Clinic inventor. 

​You can fill out the form on your computer, then save the completed form. Submit it to

Helpful hints for invention disclosure

Cover as many of the points below as possible:

  • Fully disclose all aspects of the invention; please highlight the novel and non-obvious features of the invention.
  • Technically describe the invention. Identify it as a process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter or as an improvement thereof.
  • List possible variations and modifications within the scope of the invention.  
  • Cite examples of different embodiments of the invention.
  • Emphasize the best mode of employing the invention.
  • Disclose the invention completely so that others of ordinary skill in the art could replicate the invention.
  • Describe the invention in terms of competing technologies.  
  • For software disclosures, identify any code not developed by the individuals listed. Indicate if the code is dependent on other files, libraries, etc.

List the dates when the following events occurred:

  • Initial Idea: First occurrence of the invention to an inventor
  • Fully developed invention: Conception Record: the date the complete and permanent mental idea of the invention is completed so that nothing but reducing the invention to practice is left
  • Physical Reduction to Practice: First time the embodiment of the invention occurs by creation of some construct or compound. A physical model or demonstration of the invention.
  • First Public Disclosure: Date the public could access a enabling disclosure of the invention. Proposals to government agencies, which are not subject to further publication are not considered public disclosures. Journal articles, conference talks, and thesis publications are examples of public disclosures
  • Planned Future Public Disclosure: If public disclosure has not yet occurred, please list the earliest date such disclosure might occur.

Read Marshfield Clinic's Intellectual Property Policy.

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